Triathlon Ontario Publishes Drafting Skills Development Manual

Triathlon Ontario Publishes Drafting Skills Development Manual

– Manual designed to help coaches and clubs understand and develop basic skills required in draft legal races –

September 23, 2016Triathlon Ontario, the recognized Provincial Governing Body of Multisport in Ontario, today published “Triathlon Ontario Drafting Certification Manual Level One“, a manual designed to help coaches and clubs understand and develop the basic skills required in draft legal events.

The manual is intended to assist and encourage clubs and coaches to include teaching drafting skills within their programs. Level One focuses on drills and exercises that improve athletes awareness of balance, control and braking. Triathlon Ontario believes it is important to enhance club’s and coaches’ understanding of the core competencies that drafting entails as draft legal racing becomes more prevalent and draft legal race opportunities continue to increase.
Triathlon Ontario encourages all clubs to use this complimentary resource to incorporate into its training environment.

The manual and its content is designed to prepare Youth, Junior and Elite level athletes for draft legal certification testing. The manual is also ideal for Age Group athletes wanting to learn proper draft legal skill sets even though no certification is required to compete in Age Group draft legal races.

Triathlon Ontario is committed to being a leader across Canada in developing athletes, coaches and clubs. As part of its ongoing commitment to professional development Triathlon Ontario will be offering additional online tools to support coach development such as a more advanced, Level 2 Drafting Manual.

Certification Process for Youth, Juniors and Elites
As a result of the increase in the popularity and growth of draft legal races and the increase in the number of athletes moving into draft legal events, certifications for new athletes will be done solely through Triathlon Ontario moving forward. This change in policy is meant to ensure consistency of skill sets and safety of the athletes in races. Coaches and clubs are encouraged to prepare athletes for the certification process through specialty clinics, club training and drafting camps, however, the testing and certifications will be conducted through Triathlon Ontario.

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