New to Race Directing?

Congratulations on wanting to help grow the sport of Multisport in Ontario and welcome to the Triathlon Ontario family!  We have put together a Race Director’s manual that will help you to put on a fantastic safe, fun race and get the most out of being a Race Director.  Please take a look.

RD Manual

Common Rules to Know

Benefits of Sanctioning

Sanctioning is one of the key pieces of Triathlon Ontario’s Risk Management Program.  Triathlon Ontario’s sanction ensures that the race has met our safety standards and is a fair competition.

Any race director wishing to sanction an event through Triathlon Ontario must complete an online Sanctioning Application located at  In the Application, you are asked for specific information including:

  • Detailed route maps
  • Volunteer plan
  • Communication plan
  • Safety and Traffic Plan
  • Contingency Plan for changes in the Weather
  • Medical Plan
  • A copy of the waiver to be used, if they aren’t using Triathlon Ontario’s

Event risks are evaluated based on this information.  If necessary, adjustments are suggested.  Once an event is sanctioned, it is insured under Triathlon Ontario’s policy as are all of its participants. 

Why is Sanctioning by Triathlon Ontario Important?

When you see that an event is sanctioned by Triathlon Ontario you KNOW that:

  • It has undergone a risk assessment by Triathlon Ontario and met the required safety standards
  • Everyone participating in the event (whether or a member or an individual with a day of race licence)  is covered up to  $5,000,000 for liability
  • All participants, volunteers, officials, race staff and sponsors are insured
  • That the event is safe and fair for everyone involved
  • ITU rules will be used unless Triathlon Ontario deems otherwise
  • Race formats and distances conform to Triathlon Canada’s Youth Guidelines and are consistent with Canada’s Long Term Athlete Development  (LTAD) Strategy

Other Reasons Why Triathlon Ontario’s Sanction is important

  • Only sanctioned events have access to Triathlon Ontario’s trained and professional Officials
  • Only sanctioned events are recognized by Triathlon Canada and the ITU
  • Only sanctioned events can host Provincial, National and International Title Events
  • Only Triathlon Ontario sanctioned events can host National Team Qualifying Races or secure Qualifying Spots for Ontario’s athletes
  • Technical Support for new and existing events – If you need help, Triathlon Ontario is there to help you
  • Waiver Storage – Triathlon Ontario will store your waivers from previous seasons and destroy them at the appropriate time.  All the race director has to do is organize them and get them to the office.

Triathlon Ontario’s Sanctioning Process is the Gold Standard as proven by our outstanding claims history!

Insurers know that  Triathlon Ontario’s process is thorough and addresses all risks that might arise in an event.

Insurers also know that races bearing Triathlon Ontario’s sanction deliver what they promise!

All proceeds from Day of Race Licence Fees in excess of admin costs are re-invested into growing the sport of triathlon and supporting Ontario’s Triathletes.