Junior Cup Series



The Ontario Junior Cup Series is an integral part of the Provincial Development Program.  The objective of the Series is to provide Junior athletes (aged 16-19) a draft legal competitive race environment within the Province.  It is Triathlon Ontario’s belief that developing a strong Provincial race series is imperative to developing a system that encourages increased participation, skill development, club growth and a higher level of investment in the sport.  A series that encompasses draft legal events allows athletes to develop the experience needed to appreciate the complexities and competitive nature of this style of racing and prepare the athletes for further development in Junior draft legal racing and beyond.

Please note: There is no racing up in age permitted for Provincial level races or series.

2018 Venues:

Race 1 Lakefield Triathlon  Lakefield – June 24, 2018
Race 2 Stittsville Grand Prix  Stittsville – June 30, 2018
Race 3 Toronto Triathlon Festival Toronto – July 22nd, 2018
Race 4 Tri On Provincial Champ logo Triathlon Ontario Draft Legal Provincial Championships Welland – August 25th, 2018


Please note: athletes must be draft legal certified prior to the event in order to be able to participate in the draft legal races.


Series Points

Final Junior Cup series ranking is determined by the sum of the best two of three performances.


Lakefield Triathlon, Stittsville Grand Prix, and Toronto Triathlon Festival

Provincial Championships

1 25 pts 30 pts
2 20 pts 25 pts
3 19 pts 24 pts
4-15 18 – 7pts descending order per placing 23 – 12 pts
16+ 2 pts 7 pts
DNF 1 pt 1 pts
DNS 0 pts 0 pts


Tie Breakers

In the event of a tie, athletes are ranked in order of their finish at Provincials.  If neither athlete participates in said events, then the deciding race will default to the beginning of the schedule for which the athletes in question participate in.


2017 Junior Cup Standings Final

2016 Junior Cup Standings Final