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 Triathlon Ontario 2017 Long Course Development Team


Adam Doxtator Jordan Monnink Alex VanderLinden
adam-doxtator jordan-monnick alex-vanderlinden
Club Affliation: Team LPC Club Affliation: Human Power Performance, Cyclelogik Bike Shop Club Affiliation: Healthy Results
Twitter: @DoxAdam Twitter: @jmonnink

Instagram: @jordanmonnink


Twitter: @alexthetrihard



Bio: Adam did his first triathlon in 2004 at the local Belleville KOS, and then continued to race in the KOS series, as well as local adult races when he was of age. Adam didn’t decide to fully commit to triathlon until 2013 where he qualified for his first AG national team to compete in Edmonton. Having found lots of success at the AG level in the half distance races, the natural progression is to compete at the pro level, and continue to challenge himself to try and reach the highest level in the sport. Bio: Jordan began triathlon in 2010 as part of knee injury rehab from a collegiate basketball career. After a few recreational Olympic distance triathlons, Jordan fell in love with this sport. Monnink stepped up his training while completing his university degree and became a professional in early 2015. Pursuing a professional career has allowed him to reach new levels of fitness and competition, it pushes him to be the best he can be. Bio: Alex got into triathlon through the Western University Triathlon Club where he started with duathlon then moved onto triathlon as his swimming progressed. Starting on the local scene he slowly moved up the ranks before turning professional in 2012. Having started with sprint and olympic distance racing Alex now focuses on the half distance.
2017 Goals: Main goals for the next year are 2017 70.3 AG worlds in Chattanooga, and the local Multisport Canada Elite series. 2017 Goals: To podium in a WTC 70.3 race. Be consistently in the top 10 of all fields. Stay injury free and to continue having fun. 2017 Goals:  Continued improvement, have fun, and to start moving up the international rankings


Long Course Development Team Criteria


The purpose of this initiative is to provide increased exposure and limited financial support to the Province’s developing long course athletes to help bridge the gap from new professional with little or no sponsorship, to ones that are in a stronger position to succeed on and off the course.

Composition of the Team

Up to three men and three women per annum that meet the stated criteria. Please note, a total of six athletes are not required for a Team to exist.

Benefits to Team Members

Financial Support – Triathlon Ontario will provide each Team member a $500 travel/training assistance bursary. Additionally, Team members will share evenly a pool of money consisting of 25% of all cash donations received by Triathlon Ontario in the previous calendar year through its membership application process. For example, donations collected from January 1, 2016 – December 31, 2016 will be used to calculate the payouts for athletes in 2017. Triathlon Ontario will guarantee a minimum of $500 per athlete from the donation portion of the program.

Promotional Support – Triathlon Ontario will create a dedicated web page to the Development Team with a profile on each athlete with links to their personal webpages, blogs and social media handles. Triathlon Ontario will also feature the athletes and their results in the monthly newsletter (approximately 15,000 active triathlon-based email accounts) and where appropriate, social media postings. Where appropriate, Triathlon Ontario will make introductions between its official suppliers and the athletes to see if a mutually beneficial relationship can be formed between the supplier and the Team member.

Requirements of Team Members

• Maintain an active Triathlon Ontario membership
• Add the Triathlon Ontario logo to the Team member’s website and/or blog alongside other sponsors
• Add the Triathlon Ontario logo to the Team member’s race kit alongside other sponsors
• When mentioning/thanking other sponsors in social media or website/blog postings, the Team member is to add Triathlon Ontario
• Must race at least one Triathlon Ontario sanctioned long course race during the funding year
• Before being named officially a Team member, athletes will be required to sign and comply with an Athlete Agreement between the athlete and Triathlon Ontario.

Term of the Development Team

The Team will be reviewed annually. Exiting Team members and potential Team members will need to reapply each year. An athlete can only be on the Team for a maximum of three consecutive years. If a Team member wins an IRONMAN, IRONMAN 70.3 event, or qualifies for the IRONMAN World Championships (Kona) as an Elite/Pro, he/she will no longer be eligible to apply for the Team in the following year.

Criteria for Qualification Consideration

• Must have Triathlon Ontario designated Elite status in Long Course racing
• At least one podium (top three) overall finish in a Triathlon Ontario sanctioned long course race in the year of qualification
• Must be under 30 years of age as of December 31st, 2016
• Must earn one of the following results – Within 8% of the overall winning time in athlete’s gender at one of the following events:
– P-500 or greater ranked IRONMAN 70.3 event, or
– P-2000 or greater ranked IRONMAN event or
– Challenge Family event

Please note, meeting the Qualification Criteria does not automatically guarantee a spot on the team. Applications must be received by Triathlon Ontario by 4pm Eastern time, November 1st, 2016. If the number of applications received meeting the above stated Criteria exceed the number of available spots, Triathlon Ontario’s Selection Committee will review the applications and make a final decision. The Selection Committee will consist of the Executive Director and three Board Members.

Residency Requirement

A prospective athlete must be a permanent resident of Ontario for one year prior to his/her selection for Team inclusion.