Who is Triathlon Ontario?

Triathlon Ontario is a non-profit organization that is the recognized governing body for the sport of triathlon in Ontario.  We undertake a number of duties and responsibilities on behalf of athletes, coaches, clubs, race directors and officials to ensure the growth and development of the sport in the province in a fun and safe way.  Every dollar of revenue we receive gets re-invested back into the sport in one way or another.

Some of the functions we perform on behalf of all athletes, members and non-members, include:

  • Promote  the growth and development of the sport
  • Implement and interpret the rules of play
  • Thoroughly review and sanction races, ensuring race directors follow proper safety procedures and race designs are fair and efficient for all participants
  •  Issue liability insurance for the protection of all athletes, race directors, employees, volunteers and officials at all sanctioned races plus sport accident insurance for all members at those events, including travel to and from those sanctioned events
  • Locate, train, certify and supply first class officials to sanctioned races that not only ensure the race is fair to all participants, regardless of ability, but also to ensure race directors adhere to their  obligations to safety
  • Oversee NCCP coaching training and certification process for the province, as well as, develop continuing education opportunities

Why Become a Member?

There are numerous benefits to membership, some applicable to all members and some specific to each type of member.   Listed below are some of the great reasons why you should join today!

Membership Benefits

  • Support the growth and development of Multisport in a safe, fun, and fair way
  • Contribute to programming for Youth, Junior, High Performance, Paratriathlon, and Age Groupers
  • $5M Liability and $50K Sport Accident insurance at all Triathlon Ontario sanctioned races events
  • No payment of one-day race fees for sanctioned races
  • Annual subscription to Triathlon Magazine Canada
  • Ability to participate in International, National, and Provincial series & competitions
  • Discounts on all Triathlon Ontario clinics and courses
  • 25% off Flying Monkey bike fits and 10% off in store products and services
  • 20% off of all INFINIT Nutrition products
  • Discounts on Vorgee products at Running Free & Bushtukah
  • Access to Individual Athlete Insurance program extending our Liability and Sport Accident insurance 24/7, worldwide while training
  • Access to bike insurance program – protects against damage and theft at sanctioned races, club workouts and special events
Adult (20 or older as of December 31 of current year) $62.00
Junior (16 – 19 as of December 31 of current year) $52.00
Youth (under 16 as of December 31 of current year) $37.00
Elite $62.00
Coach $62.00
Club Elite Membership *sanctioned clubs only $52.00
Club Adult Membership *sanctioned clubs only $52.00
Club Junior Membership *sanctioned clubs only $47.00
Club Youth Membership *sanctioned clubs only $32.00
Club Coach Membership *sanctioned clubs only $52.00
Race Director/Triathlon Ontario Board Member/Official Complimentary

NOTE: Prices include all processing fees and your Triathlon Canada affiliation fees

Family discounts

Youth and Junior members will receive a discount if they have either one or two parents who are 2018 Triathlon Ontario members.
25% discount for youth and junior membership when one parent is a 2018 TO member
50% discount for youth and junior membership when two parents are a 2018 TO members