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Why Sanction Your Club?

  • All documented club workouts are insured. Clubs are provided with certificates of insurance which are necessary to rent many facilities
  • All club members, directors and coaches -if members are insured ($5M Liability plus $50K Sport Accident coverage) at all documented club workouts
  • Reduced membership fee for club members ($10 less than individual members)
  • Only sanctioned clubs can participate in the Club Championships¬†– Win money for club programs!
  • Documented club workouts are covered under the optional Triathlon Ontario Bike Insurance Plan – If you crash your bike can be covered too!
  • Sanctioned clubs have NCCP trained coaches
  • Sanctioned clubs have access to Waivers, Par-Q forms specifically developed for Triathlon Ontario by our legal team
  • Your club is posted on Triathlon Ontario’s website – helps attract new members
  • Triathlon Ontario Staff are available to help you should issues arise

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