I remember having to fill in a ton of paperwork before our club could start accepting memberships. Is that still the case?
No – all you have to do is register your club. To do that please follow the link here. As soon as your club is registered you can begin taking member registrations right away (any time after December 1 each year)

I thought the membership year started in April?
It does but Triathlon Ontario recognizes that many people join clubs over the winter months to take advantage of club training over the winter. Anyone joining after December 1 will have a valid membership until March 31, the following year.

Who needs to be a member?
Every person attached to or training with your club must be a member. This includes all volunteers, athletes, coaches and administrators. Anyone who is not a member of Triathlon Ontario will not be insured under Triathlon Ontario’s policy.

Can people try our club out before they join?
Yes! Anyone can try a club up to twice. Anyone trying your club must sign a waiver and club administrators or coaches must keep it on file. Anyone participating in club activities more than twice must be a member.

Some of our members belong to other clubs too. Do they have to join Triathlon Ontario twice?
No. They just need to make sure Triathlon Ontario has added their names to both club lists. This cannot be done online. If their name doesn’t appear on the “official” club list they are not covered for your club’s sanctioned workouts.

I see the waiver is really long – can we use our own, shorter one?
No – You must use the current Triathlon Ontario waiver.

What are the current fees?
Adults, including coaches and elites, pay $62. Youth members (younger than 16 as of December 31) will pay $37. Juniors (16-19) will pay $52. Members of sanctioned clubs receive $10 off of their memberships.

Are club workouts insured?
Yes, if they’re properly sanctioned. We do need a record of all workouts to be insured, but you don’t have to fill in your entire schedule right away. You can provide a base schedule and add or delete workouts as necessary. Be sure to keep this up to date – only workouts on record with the Triathlon Ontario office will be sanctioned and insured.

I see it says we need an NCCP Triathlon Coach?
In keeping with Triathlon Ontario’s policy to fully support professional coaches and their training, only clubs with an NCCP trained Triathlon Coach will be sanctioned.

Are there any restrictions on the level and/or age of NCCP qualifications required for our club coach?
No. All NCCP levels are acceptable for sanctioning. Some coaches with older qualifications will need to provide additional documentation for workouts.