Triathlon Ontario Youth Club Championships


The purpose of the new annual Youth Club Championship is to encourage the growth and development of the youth club system in Ontario and to encourage and promote friendly competition between clubs in a sanctioned environment.  The winning club will be engraved on the trophy and celebrated at the annual year end Awards Banquet.



The 2017 Youth Club Championships will be contested at the Dunrobin Kids of Steel – August 12th, 2018.  The events counting towards point totals will be the individual triathlon race in the 12-13 age group and the 14-15 age group.  Athletes must race in their proper age categories for the results to be included towards the point totals.


Clubs must be sanctioned with Triathlon Ontario and their members must also be members of Triathlon Ontario.  Any sanctioned club with members ranging from 12-15 may compete.  Only those participants that are members of the sanctioned club at the time of the competition are eligible to score points for the Club Championship. Only members listed on the official club list maintained in the Triathlon Ontario office will be eligible to score for a club.


Every participant who finishes will be awarded minimum points.  Points will be awarded to participants based on their finishing position in their age group categories as per the following:

 1st Place    100pts

6th Place       50pts

2nd Place      90pts

7th Place       40pts

3rd Place      80pts

8th Place       30pts

4th Place       70pts

9th Place       20pts

5th Place       60pts

10th Place and all other participants – 10pts

2017 Youth Club Championships – Final Standings