Youth and Junior events are designed to offer those aged as young as 3 years of age up to 19 years of age an opportunity to participate in Triathlon.  The emphasis is on fun and safety.  Race distances offer a challenge, yet are short enough to be completed.All participants of a Triathlon Ontario sanctioned event must be members of Triathlon Ontario or purchase a One Day Membership.  The breakdown of membership prices and  the various benefits of membership can be found here.  Youth membership is for those aged 15 and under as of December 31st in the current year and Junior membership is for those aged 16-19 as of December 31st in the current year. Kids of Steel (KOS) Races KOS is a trademarked program owned by Triathlon Canada and is coordinated by Triathlon Ontario. The following is the maximum distances/time allowances per age group as per KOS guidelines

Ages(as of Dec. 31)








Time to Complete

Under 6

Less than 50m

Less than 1.5km

Less than 500m

10-20 min.





10-20 min.





15-30 min.





20-40 min.





35-65 min.





40-70 min.





60-105 min.


Please click here for more information on KOS guidelines

Kids Racing in Adult Races or Older Age Groups

For those looking to race in longer distances than what the age guidelines provide you must have written consent from Triathlon Ontario.   Permission will be granted on a case by case basis and factors such as past results, membership in Swim Ontario or related clubs will be considered.  Safety and whether the athlete can complete the various distances will be the main consideration.  If permission is granted from Triathlon Ontario, it will be up to the individual race director to allow the athlete in question to participate.  Please contact the Executive Director directly at for written permission.

Change for 2017: Cleat Rule Change for Youth Cup Series

Over the off season Triathlon Ontario conducted its annual review of its Youth rules and guidelines and has decided to change its previous cleat rules for the 12-13 division for the Youth Cup Series.

Previously, if under 14 years of age and using clipless pedals, only shoes that had a recessed cleat into the sole of the shoe were permitted or cycling shoes that had been altered to ensure the metal cleats did not touch the ground were legal.

After taking into consideration the recent growth of youth club programming and youth coaching, along with the need to be consistent with draft legal certification, which is open to youth athletes and requires the ability to clip in and out of pedals to be certified, Triathlon Ontario is allowing the use of traditional cycling and triathlon style shoes and cleats in the 12-13 division of the Youth Cup Series for the 2017 year.

For any questions or for additional information, please contact Triathlon Ontario

Drafting Cards

How do I get a Drafting Card? Elite, U23, Junior and Youth athletes wishing to race in a non-Age Group draft legal event must possess valid draft legal certification prior to competing.  Presentation of their membership card that has draft legal status on it to race directors ensures that the athlete is capable of racing in a drafting situation without being a risk to themselves or the other participants. To get an Ontario Drafting Card applicants must

  • be 12 years of age or older
  • have been certified by Triathlon Ontario

Draft legal certification status is valid for a period of three years.  A drafting approved status will be renewed provided the athlete can demonstrate that he or she has raced in at least five draft legal events in the previous three year period.  Failure to complete the minimum number of events will necessitate re-qualification.

Draft Legal Certification Dates:

  • No certification dates at this time

Triathlon Ontario strongly recommends that clubs and coaches prepare their athletes prior to a certification test by ensuring they are able to sufficiently complete all of the drills and skills within the drafting manual below


Triathlon Ontario Drafting Certification Manual

Drafting Certification Checklist