2017 Canada Summer Games Selection Criteria



This document establishes the eligibility and selection criteria for Triathlon Ontario’s (“TriOnt”) 2017 Canada Summer Games (“CSG”) Team to be held in Winnipeg Manitoba July 28th to August 13th 2017.

Triathlon Ontario will be choosing three spots per gender to participate in the events and one spot per gender as an alternate team member in case of injury or in the case of a team member not fulfilling their duties.

The primary goal of the Canada Summer Games selection criteria is to inform athletes who are interested in competing for a spot on Triathlon Ontario’s CSG team of the policies and processes implemented by Triathlon Ontario’s Selection Committee.

Triathlon Ontario will be entering a team for competition in three triathlon events during the 2017 Canada Summer Games. These events include:

A) Male Individual Sprint Distance
B) Female Individual Sprint Distance
C) Male Relay
D) Female Relay
E) Mixed Relay

Triathlon Ontario’s priority for the CSG is to attain podium finishes in each event, provide high performance development experience for team members, and to promote the sport of triathlon and the Province of Ontario on the National stage.

Team Structure
A three man , three woman team with one identified alternate for each gender will be selected from a pool of athletes who have submitted the Declaration of Intent and attended Triathlon Ontario CSG selection camps, clinics or sessions that are classified as mandatory by Triathlon Ontario. Information regarding all CSG activities will be posted via Triathlon Ontario email blasts, newsletters and posted on the Triathlon Ontario website and social media.

It is the athlete’s responsibility to keep informed regarding the mandatory selection camps, clinics, or sessions.

Alternates will not be considered team members for the actual competition, however, they will be expected to meet all identified criteria and attend team functions previous to departure for the Games. Alternates may be asked to replace an identified team member on condition of injury, if a team member does not fulfill their duties, if an athlete is deemed unfit or if an athlete withdraws from the team prior to departure to Winnipeg.

February 2017 CSG Update: Canada Summer Games Assessment Camp Schedule

Triathlon Ontario is committed to fielding the most competitive team possible to represent Ontario at the 2017 Canada Summer Games (CSG) in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The CSG competition format includes:
• Male/Female Individual events (sprint distance)
• Female Relay (super sprint distance)
• Male Relay (super sprint distance)
• Mixed Relay (super sprint distance)

It is therefore important that we assemble a TEAM that will provide Ontario with the best opportunity to achieve podium performances in each of these events. The team will consist of three males, three females and an alternate for each gender.

This document is intended to supplement the Triathlon Ontario posted selection criteria and provide additional information for athletes, parents and coaches.
Triathlon Ontario will also use the CSG selection process to provide all participating athletes with helpful information important to their long term development by identifying performance gaps. The information should be used to help design a training focus in the future.

The top 75% of athletes performances in the swim AND run assessments will be eligible for the final assessment camp. This camp is mandatory. Athletes who are invited and do not attend the camp will not be eligible for team selection. If an athlete cannot attend the final camp due to injury or sickness, a note from doctor or physiotherapist will be required. Any non-medical absence will be assessed on an individual basis by the CSG Coach and Triathlon Ontario’s Executive Director.

Athletes who do not make the top 75% during the assessments may still qualify for the camp by submitting results (include an on line link) from a sanctioned swim or track meet up to 1 days (24 hours) before the final camp.

Swim Assessments
Subject to change at the discretion of the Triathlon Ontario selection committee, swim assessments will be a measured time trial. Swim assessments will be based on a 200m short course time trial. Accepted times will be either from the CSG assessment camp identified or from a time submitted from a sanctioned Swim Canada and/or Swim Ontario event. Athletes must provide a link to the official timing page for the event for verification 1 day (24 hours) before the final selection camp May 28/29 2017.

Run Assessments
Subject to change at the discretion of the Triathlon Ontario selection committee, run time trials will be a measured timed 1,500m run on a certified 400m track. Accepted times will be either from the CSG assessment camp(s) identified or from a time submitted from a sanctioned track event. Athletes must provide a link to the official timing page for the event for verification 1 day (24 hours) before the final selection camp May 28/29 2017.

Bike/Run Assessments
Subject to change at the discretion of the Triathlon Ontario selection committee, the bike/run assessment will be based upon athletes maintaining a minimum power level for a prescribed time (both metrics to be based on gender) and performing a timed run. Testing results will only be accepted from Triathlon Ontario’s above bike/run schedule.

• Athletes must submit a Declaration of Intent …..Deadline Jan 20th 2017
• Race Performance…. Athlete performances used for assessment include
a. CAMTRI Junior NA Championships top 3 finish as per CSG Criteria March 11th 2017
b. CAMTRI Premium America’s Cup top 12 finish in A Finals as per CSG Criteria June 17th-18th 2017
Please note: athletes who achieve either performance criteria are automatically selected to the Final selection camp May 27th 2017, but are not guaranteed a spot on Team Ontario. Athletes are still expected to attend testing sessions outlined above.
• Triathlon Ontario Athlete assessments …April/May 2017 (please see schedule above)
• Final Assessment Camp May 27th 2017

Final starting Team announcement and alternates will be announced as per Triathlon Ontario poster CSG Criteria.


All athletes must:
a. Be a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant
b. Be between 16 and 19 years of age as of December 31, 2017
c. Have permanent residence located within the province of Ontario for not less than 180 days before the start of the 2017 Canada Summer Games
d. Be a member in good standing with Triathlon Ontario
e. Participate in any mandatory selection camps, clinics session identified by Triathlon Ontario or the Provincial Development Coach
f. Be deemed healthy to race by Triathlon Ontario
g. Participate fully in all activities with Triathlon Ontario as required or requested by Triathlon Ontario’s Provincial Development Coach
h. Be certified to race draft legal racing by Triathlon Ontario
i. Complete a Declaration of Intent before 5pm (EST) on January 20, 2017

Selection Process
The primary objective of Triathlon Ontario is to develop a team in both genders that will maximize total podium performance. Triathlon Ontario will strive to build a team that will be competitive in the events its deems most likely to achieve podium success. To achieve this, the overall team dynamic and the ability of individuals to work together as a cohesive unit will be considered.

Triathlon Ontario will employ a multi-step Selection Process for the 2017 Canada Summer Games.

Step 1
Submit a Declaration of Intent to Qualify as a Team member
a. Due date January 20, 2017
b. Only athletes who have submitted a Declaration of Intent before the deadline will be identified as CSG talent pool athletes and will be eligible for consideration.

Step 2
Testing, Assessments and Race Performance
a. Information regarding all mandatory camps, clinics and sessions used to assess the athletes skills and abilities will be emailed to the athletes.
b. Athletes must participate in all testing and assessment processes as requested by Triathlon Ontario’s Provincial coach. Athletes who refuse* or fail to participate will be removed from consideration for the team unless an arrangement has agreed upon in writing with the Provincial Development Coach
* athletes who refuse due to injury will be exempt upon securing a note from a medical professional and have approval of the Provincial Development Coach
c. One spot per gender will be allocated to any eligible Ontario athlete who finishes in the top three at the 2017 CAMTRI Junior North American Championships on March 11, 2017 in Sarasota, Florida provided the athlete complies with all requirements as it pertains to participation in camps and other CSG activities.
d. Subject to availability, two spots per gender will be allocated to any eligible Ontario athlete who finishes in the top twelve in the Class A Finals June 18, 2017 at the Ottawa International Triathlon CAMTRI Premium Continental Cup.

Final Team Selection
The final team selection will include four males and four females (3 team members + 1 alternate* for each gender). Team members will be selected through observation and analysis of a combination of:
• Race performance
• Training process
• Testing and evaluations

The primary objective of Triathlon Ontario is to field a Team that has the best chance of podium finishes in as many events as possible. The demands of Canada Summer Games race environment will be considered during the evaluation process. Team members will be identified as active or alternate when announced. Triathlon Ontario acknowledges that there will need to be some subjectivity in this process in order to determine the best combination of athletes that provide the best opportunity for Team Ontario to achieve its podium objectives in all events (individual and relay)

*Alternate team members are expected to maintain fitness and participate in all Team activities (upon notice) until the team departs for Winnipeg.

Recommendations for the final team will be made by the Provincial Development Coach to the Selection Committee. The Selection Committee will consist of the Triathlon Ontario Executive Director, one Triathlon Ontario board member and a non-Triathlon Ontario board member or employee, to be determined.

Selection Committee:

Phil Dale – Triathlon Ontario Executive Director

Ming-Chang Tsai – Triathlon Ontario Board Member, Sport Scientist

John Grootveld – Canadian Sport Institute Ontario

Proof of Fitness
All Team athletes must attend a Province of Ontario camp prior to final selection (time and location TBD) and must be found to be fit at that time.

Alternates and Athlete Replacement
The remaining male and female team athletes will be designated as Team Alternates. Triathlon Ontario may nominate the alternates for inclusion in the athlete replacement pool as determined by Triathlon Canada and the CSG Triathlon Technical Package. Please note alternates are not considered Team members and will not travel to the games unless they are officially named to replace a starting team member.

Triathlon Ontario reserves the right, to modify the Team Selection Criteria as it deems necessary where a selection event is no longer deemed appropriate due to cancellation or date change of said event.

The composition of the CSG Team will be disclosed to Triathlon Ontario’s selection committee no later than June 30, 2017.

The starting Team names will be announced by Triathlon Ontario before July 12, 2017.

Appeals Procedure

Scope of Appeal
Any individual who is directly affected by a decision by the Selection Committee regarding Canada Summer Games selection or Triathlon Ontario in regards to Canada Summer Games team selection policy, will have the right to appeal that decision, provided there are sufficient grounds for the appeal.

Timing of Appeal
In order for the selection process to run efficiently Triathlon Ontario will only accept appeals to the team selection at the time of the Team announcement.

Athletes who wish to appeal will have three (3) days* from the date of announcement or public posting, to submit in writing:
• notice of the intention to appeal
• grounds for the appeal
• summary of the evidence that supports these grounds,
All appeals must be submitted Triathlon Ontario Executive Director (
*Note “days” includes weekends and holidays

All appeals must be accompanied by a fee of $50.00 CND. Once a decision is made regarding the appeal the $50.00 will be returned if the appeal is successful. Will not be returned if the appeal is unsuccessful.

Grounds for Appeal
Please note Triathlon Ontario, staff and Executive make every effort to ensure all selection procedures are clear and transparent and invite all communication or opinions on the decisions made surrounding the CSG Team selection, however, not every decision may be appealed.

Decisions may only be appealed, and appeals may be heard, on procedural grounds.

Procedural grounds are strictly limited to the Respondent:
(a) Making a decision that was not based upon stated criteria
(b) Failing to follow procedures for naming CSG 2017 Team members as outlined in the selection criteria
(c) Making a decision that was influenced by bias.

Screening and Decision of Appeal
Within two (2) days of receiving the notice and grounds of an appeal, the appeals panel of Triathlon Ontario will determine whether there are appropriate grounds for the appeal to proceed and determine the outcome.

If the appeal is denied on the basis of insufficient grounds, the Appellant will be notified of this decision in writing, giving reasons.

If the panel feels the appeal has merit the Panel will have no more authority than that of the original decision-maker(s).
The Panel may decide:
(a) To reject the appeal and confirm the decision being appealed; or
(b) To uphold the appeal and refer the matter back to the initial decision-maker for a new decision; or
(c) To uphold the appeal and vary the decision but only where it is found that an error occurred and such an error cannot be corrected by the original decision-maker for reason of lack of clear procedure, lack of time, or lack of neutrality;
(d) To return the appeal fee.

Appeals should be sent to:
Triathlon Ontario
Canada Summer Games Team Selection Appeal