How to apply for Elite Status

Elite Application Process:

  • Athletes who received Elite Status for a 2-year period in 2016 must reapply for 2018
  • Athletes who were approved for Elite Status for a 2-year period in 2016 only need to fill in the 2017 membership application and send it in to the Triathlon Ontario office in paper form.
  • Athletes wishing to be granted elite status must submit an Application for Elite Status
  • Eligibility may be for a 2-year period. Athletes must re-apply every two years.
  • Applications will be sent to the Triathlon Ontario office.  They will be forwarded to a Qualification Committee of no less than 3 members for evaluation.
  • The current Qualification Committee consists of: Craig Talyor, Head Coach of Guelph Triathlon Project, Steve Harrigan, Board Member of Triathlon Canada, James Loaring, Head Coach of Loaring Personal Coaching (LPC).


  • The committee may choose to award elite status for a “trial period – length to be determined by them” if they wish to further evaluate a candidate.
  • Elite status will be awarded for specific disciplines and distances based on the recommendation of the qualification committee
  • Elite athletes wishing to race in draft legal races must prove draft legal qualification i.e. possess valid Ontario drafting certification status

Elite Application

Drafting Cards

How do I get a Drafting Card?

Elite, U23, Junior and Youth athletes wishing to race in a non-Age Group draft legal event must possess valid draft legal certification prior to competing.  Presentation of their membership card that has draft legal status on it to race directors ensures that the athlete is capable of racing in a drafting situation without being a risk to themselves or the other participants. To get an Ontario Drafting Card applicants must

  • be 12 years of age or older
  • have been certified by Triathlon Ontario

Draft legal certification status is valid for a period of three years.  A drafting approved status will be renewed provided the athlete can demonstrate that he or she has raced in at least five draft legal events in the previous three year period.  Failure to complete the minimum number of events will necessitate re-qualification.

Draft Legal Certification Dates:

  • No certifications dates at this time

Triathlon Ontario strongly recommends that clubs and coaches prepare their athletes prior to a certification test by ensuring they are able to sufficiently complete all of the drills and skills within the drafting manual below

Triathlon Ontario Drafting Certification Manual

Drafting Certification Checklist